Thursday, December 20, 2007

Roll over Google Docs :: MonkeyTeX is here

Okay, so maybe Google Docs still has a (sizable) market, but MonkeyTeX is probably worth knowing about if you are a TeX-nerd like myself :)

Essentially, MonkeyTeX allows you to edit, store, share and collaborate on LaTeX documents via a web interface. It supports BibTeX and Sty files, and can render to PDF. I've only played with it briefly, but it could be useful on occasions when I get stuck without a working LaTeX installation (such as internet cafes with only Windows machines) but would like to produce a professional looking document. It may be a nice way for people to test and learn LaTeX with minimal barriers to entry too.

Via thekit at LiveJournal


Neil said...

Nice find. If only Google Docs supported LaTeX import.

nuin said...

Neat. Thanks for the tip.

gcat said...

Great site!
Very easy to use.