Saturday, October 27, 2007

Qutemol using Cedega

Pawel over at Freelancing Science recently highlighted Qutemol, a nice looking molecular viewer that does real-time ambient occlusion rendering. There isn't any official Linux version, but I found that the Windows version runs okay on Linux using Cedega (a version of Wine that has better DirectX support, especially for games). Since Cedega is based on the Open Source Wine code, you can compile your own command line version ... but it's a good idea to buy a maintenance subscription from Transgaming and support it's further development, if you can afford it.

Here's a screenshot of Qutemol running under Cedega on Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon, just to prove it.

No, it's not Photoshopped ... (or GIMPed) ... :)


Paweł said...

Is it a web browser behind Qutemol's window with over 50 open tabs? I'm not sure which one is more impressive ;)

Andrew Perry said...

Yes, I like my tabs :) I tend to keep tabs open for lots of stuff that I'm looking at throughout the week so I don't have to navigate back to the same page each day. The top row of tabs are 'protected' from closing, and contain the day-to-day stuff like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Reader etc. The Firefox Session Manager addon makes them automagically appear everytime I open the browser. On the weekend I have a clean out, and close the tabs I'm definitely finished with .. which reminds me ... it's time to close some tabs :)

Pedro Beltrão said...

wow. Keeping tabs open for one week is impressive :)
I like the visuals in Qutemol but there are no cartoonish representations. Very impressive nevertheless.